Welcome to Poppy Love Petal

Welcome to Poppy Love Petal

This is a brand new blog site about our bridal robe shop where you can find the  softest and coziest robes here at Poppy Love Petal. 

Here at Poppy Love Petal, we offer many different kinds of bridal robes, sleep shirts, and other accessories for you and your bridesmaids.

Let's check some of them out!


Our most beloved style is our pajamas <3

We have a total of 4 kinds of pj's.


Long sleeve shorts, long sleeve pants, short sleeves shorts, and effortless sleep shirts. 


Ruffle robe


Love Crush


Floral Ruffle Robe


Lace Bridal Robe


Check out more styles here on our website. We are always here for you with gifts for the brides and bridesmaids!

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